About us.

Background information.

Kora edibles is a fresh fruit bouquet business located at the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. We believe in innovation and creativity and are driven by need to eat healthy and have fun. We make fruits fun eating and offer our customers a chance to enjoy the freshness.

We provide our clients with a new and thoughtful way of making a gesture that expresses love, appreciation, or just because. We emphasize on handcrafted bouquets that will make you smile at any occasion. The art, creativity and the fresh fruity taste is our uniqueness.

What we Offer.

Our products are handcrafted fruit bouquets designed to offer a gift to any and every occasion. We use strawberries, pineapples, grapes, bananas, Kiwi, oranges, Mangoes and a variety of different melons or any other fruit in season. We also dip the fruits in chocolate to provide the look and taste customers want. Displays are made in a variety of containers ranging from baskets, flower pots, cups and also boxes that have fruit dipped in chocolate.

We offer services to meet our customers’ varying needs. Customers can place orders by calling directly to our offices where orders are reserved.
Our bouquets are made from fresh fruits. We select the best of fruits so as to give our customers the very best. We are here to guarantee you a healthy smile by offering mouth watering edible bouquets that will make you smile always.

What Makes Us Unique

Decoratively arranged fruit, separates the company from its competitors and makes it a value detail establishment Nairobi Kenya. By keeping prices competitive and continually creating new products the company hopes to remain on the cutting edge of the gift basket industry.

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