• Ferrero gold hamper

    This package comes with;

    T-24 Ferrero Rocher’s luxury pack
    A customized gold mug
    A luxury tea package

    The mug can be customized with your preferred writings.



    Please note; items may change depending on availability but we shall you incase of change.


  • Mini winery hamper

    this comprises ;

    Robertson winery 750ml sweet wine
    T-16 Ferrero Rocher’s
    A customized bar of couverture chocolates

    They comes well packaged in a handcrafted bamboo basket and wrapped drapped with a ribbon.


  • Flower Pot

    Send them some sunshine in a bouquet. It comes with a medley of mums and red roses comes stashed in a red pot.


  • Congrats Hand Bouquet

    Give them a graduation gift that they will keep talking about. These strawberries dipped in chocolates are customized for the occasion.

    It has 40 strawberries dipped in assorted chocolates.


  • Gourmet luxury hamper

    This favorite gourmet Christmas hamper is  a medley of luxurious items.

    750ml 12 years singleton scotch Whiskey
    750ml Bianco Nobile al vaniglia
    T-24 Ferrero rocher  Truffles park
    Kericho Gold Luxury tea pack
    250g Spicy Mango flavor home made BBQ sauce
    250g Smoky Flavor home made BBQ sauce
    45g Caramelized salted Kora Chocs

    The hamper comes well wrapped in Christmas themed ribbon and cellophane. We also add  christmas themed card on request.

    Please note the items may change a bit depending on the availability of the items.



  • Christmas Breakable heart

    The Christmas breakable heart is a pinata cake themed  with Christmas décor.

    This breakable heart can be filled with vouchers, handwritten Christmas note or money.

    It also comes with  a mallet and a Christmas card.

    Comes well wrapped and in a gift bag.


  • Tablet Branded Chocolates

    We name stand out with branded chocolates. They comes in variety of flavors you can choose your favorite flavor from the dark, milk and white couverture chocolates.

    The minimum order quantity for the tablet chocolates is a 50 pieces with each piece going for kshs.95.

    The tablet chocolates are made using couverture chocolates and weigh about 15-20g.


  • Charcuterie board

    A charcuterie is a perfect gift for any home. It can be customized with the recipients favorite quote.

    When we come together  at the table we connect and share.

    Looking for a gift that will last and impress, then a  cheese board is your go to gift


  • Chai Hamper

    Chai hamper comes well wrapped in a keep sake basket that you can use as decor in your house.

    It comprises; A customized enamel cup, a jar of premium organic honey 500ml and  well wrapped Kenyan style tea.


  • Nobile exotic gift hamper

    We have carefully selected the exotic items just for you. Also added are handcrafted sauces with exotic flavors.

    Included in the basket are:

    750ml Rosso Nobile al Ciocollata
    750ml Bianco Nobile atta Vaniglia
    Walkers 250g Orange Segments
    Kora Chocolates 45g Caramelized salted white chocolate
    Kora Chocolate 45g Plain Milk Chocolate
    Kora Chocolate 45g Crystallized ginger dark chocolate
    Raw organic honey 500g with a honey dip
    Homemade BBQ sauce- Spicy flavor
    Homemade BBQ sauce-Mango flavor

    These come endowed in a beautiful themed ribbon and well wrapped in a large gift  basket.

    Please note; the items may change a bit depending on availability but we shall definitely let you know before hand.



  • Graduation breakable chocolate

    Looking for a different graduation gift? The breakable chocolate  is a different trendy gift that will surely steal the show.

    This graduation breakable heart can be filled with cash which comes at an extra cost.  It can also be filled with chocolates, perfume, handwritten notes and other gift vouchers.

    The breakable chocolate can be customized to your preferred colors and wordings. The most beautiful thing is once they break the chocolate the can indulge and continue enjoying the chocolates later on.



  • Fruity drip cake

    We crown your party with this wonderful chocolate drip cake, that makes the celebration whole and fruity. Intriguing a sense of passion and happiness, building an environment full of joy, and giving every bite a reason for enjoyment.

    This cake is a 1.5kgs moist  passion flavored topped with Ferrero Rocher and Lindt chocolates.  It’s also endowed with strawberries, grapes and draped milk chocolate drips.

    When flavoring we use the real passion fruits to ensure that as you enjoy the cake it’s bursting with flavors.


  • Fortnite Battle Royale Cake

    Young boys love superheroes . Sometimes it is all they want to become when they grow up. Give them a gift of what they love; like their favorite game cake, that makes them feel their dream is becoming true in every birthday, making the feel like they are always in the game.

    This is a 1kg vanilla cake layered in whipping cream and  topped with fortnite battle royale cake.


  • Mufasa Blueberry cake

    When the birthday is for a powerful being, whose presence rules the jungle like Mufasa, and loud like a lion’s roar; gift them with this might lion-cake, that sets the mood and keeps the party royal.

    2kgs blueberry cake covered in dark chocolate ganache and endowed with a lion king edible photo and a gold topper.


  • Fault line chocolate cake

    Gift your beloved with this amazing cake that makes them feel kingly and instils beautiful unforgettable memories. Creating a great custom inspiration mood of honor and power in the pa This is a 2kgs  moist chocolate cake.  comes for with a floating topper and chocolate spheres.  The colour combinations can be customized


  • Strawberry drip cake

    Make the birthday eventful with a lovely cake; that makes the memories of happiness and joy write new history, and build a family of joy. With this beautiful cake, the ageing feels like getting younger and time static on a perfect moment. In a color of custom and taste of preference, Kora edibles makes the dream come true.

    The package comprises;

    1.5kgs strawberry cake draped in chocolate drips


  • Blanche Berry Rosette Tower

    Looking to make a statement in your event? The White berry Rosette tower series are a show stopper for your dessert table. This bouquet comes with  150 skewers of all white strawberries dipped in chocolates and accentuated with ivory roses and gold specs. Looking for edible center piece ideas? This bouquet will complement your events …

    Blanche Berry Rosette Tower Read More »


  • Exotic fruit bouquet

    This exotic fruit bouquet is a sure way to win them off. It comprises 50 strawberries dipped in chocolates and 10 cake pops. Cake pops are small bite sized cakes dipped in chocolates. Comes packaged in a clear lid box. This is a good package for your dinner set up, dessert table and center piece …

    Exotic fruit bouquet Read More »


  • Chrysanthemums rosette Bouquet

    The royalty rosette bouquet is a sure way to show  appreciation to your loved ones or an employee. It comes with 40 strawberries dipped in purple, milk and white chocolates and covered in purple and white Chrysanthemums.  


  • Personalized berry box large

    Looking for a personalized gift? This berry box gives you an opportunity to customize the colours and wordings to the letter. Comes with 35 strawberries all dipped to your preferred colours and inscribed with wordings of your choice. Create your gift.


  • Perfect gift for him

    Looking for a perfect gift for his birthday?  This breakable chocolates and Jack daniels  combo is a sure way to win him off. This gift comprises. Round breakable chocolate 700ml Jack Daniels Whisky 12 strawberries dipped in chocolate KShs.5000 cash gift (concealed gift) (comes as a money train) Complimentary gift card If would like a …

    Perfect gift for him Read More »


  • Apology chocolates

    Looking for a gift to say you are sorry? You can’t go wrong with breakable heart chocolate.  It comes with a breakable heart, 8 strawberries dipped in chocolates, 5 ferrero rocher chocolates and customized apology notes concealed under the breakable mould. Comes well wrapped in a transparent box and wrapped in a ribbon. The colour …

    Apology chocolates Read More »


  • Breakable chocolate heart

    Looking for a surprise gift?  You can never go wrong with the breakable chocolate heart. This is a versatile gift that allows you to conceal gifts underneath. This gift comprises a breakable heart, a mallet and 4 sea salt dark chocolates concealed underneath. Comes wrapped in a transparent bag and put in a gift bag.


  • Enamel Mug

    Personalized enamel mug just because. Customization can be personalized.


  • Berry box midi

    The berry box is the perfect mini gift box. it comes with 20 strawberries dipped in assorted dark, milk and white chocolates. It can be customized with wordings of your choice giving it such a personal touch. It comes well wrapped and put in a gift  bag. This gift is available for same day deliveries. …

    Berry box midi Read More »


  • White Rosette Bouquet

    Looking for a gift for a white chocolate lover? This white rosette bouquet will swipe them off. It’s a medley of strawberries dipped in only white chocolate, red and ivory roses.  This bouquet provides a thoughtful way to make their moments special be it a birthday, an anniversary or an employee appreciation moment.     …

    White Rosette Bouquet Read More »


  • savory delight basket

    The savory delight basket is a beautiful fruit  arrangement comprising of fruits dipped and draped in chocolates. This basket has about 80 skewers. The fruits used are; Strawberries, Apples, Orange segments and spears of grapes. The fruits are dipped in a variety of chocolates; Dark, milk and white chocolate.


  • Full of smiles breakable chocolate

    The breakable chocolate heart is a full of smiles gift. Looking to illuminate their face with smiles? This gift comprises; A yellow breakable chocolate heart 750ml Four cousins red wine 12 strawberries dipped in chocolates Concealed cash gift of Kshs. 5000 A  mallet If you would like your gift customized in terms of colour and …

    Full of smiles breakable chocolate Read More »


  • Radiance of Romance breakable heart

    This package illuminates a radiance of romance. It comprises; a  breakable heart,  20 red roses and 10 strawberry dipped in chocolate, 8  concealed ferrero chocolates. The breakable heart is made of chocolate and is all edible. The breakable heart is a good surprise gift you get to conceal the recipients favorite gift under the hollow …

    Radiance of Romance breakable heart Read More »


  • A Promised Land

    Reading a book makes you travel through the mind. It opens you to new ideologies. A promised land by Barack Obama is a good gift for any avid reader.

    You could build power not by putting others down but by lifting them up.



  • Verry Berry Mini

    A gift just enough for her. Can be personalized with colours and wordings of your choice.


  • Naked Cake

    A naked cake for her. A 1kg  pinacolada cake decorated with minimal cream and accentuated in pink roses and fresh fruit.


  • Purple Rosette Bouquet

    A unique  gift for her. It comprises 40 strawberries dipped in decadent chocolates and wrapped  in purple and ivory roses. A gift made for Sharing.


  • yellow floral and chocolate bouquet

    send some sunshine with this super bright package. a medley of yellow floral and ferrero  rocher chocolates


  • Berry box Mini

    The Berry box mini strawberry dips box contains 12 strawberries dipped in milk, dark and white  chocolates.

    The perfect petite gift that you says you care. The box can have a words added to it on request.


  • Berry bed arrangement

    A bed of strawberries, roses and robertson winery.


  • Gold blueberry cake

    1.5kgs Blueberry  fresh cake layered with blueberry  filled whipping cream.  Accentuated with a sunflower and a happy birthday topper. Finished with gold airbrush.

    If you are looking for an elegant cake to complete your occasion then this center befits any luxurious occasion.


  • Black label and oreo dips

    Oreo dips paired with a whiskey . it’s perfect gift for him when he wants to indulge a little.


  • Verry Berry Box Midi

    20 strawberries dipped in assorted chocolates.  looking for a way  to say I love you with chocolates? This mini package is a sure way to express yourself.


  • Berry box large

    Looking for perfect gift for lovers? Send gestures of love with these lovely package of 35 strawberries dipped in assorted chocolates; dark, milk and white with( I love You) wordings on it Can be customized with wordings and colors of your choice


  • Yellow Rossette Bouquet

    The yellow rosette bouquet is super Bright  with 40 strawberry dips paired with 40 roses of yellow roses and ivory roses. The strawberries are dipped in yellow chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. It’s a unique gift that fits any occasion. it’s a perfect care gift.


  • Minty Chocolate delight

    This gift comprises a dozen mint flavored chocolates paired with a bottle of Jack daniels 750ml. The tingling sensation of the mint is something that leaves one craving for more and the dozen is never enough.




  • Sparkling ice bucket arrangement

    Sparkling ice bucket filled with; Ferrero rocher chocolates, Lindt and strawberries dipped in white and milk chocolate. Comes with Nedeberburg sparkling wine or wine of your choice.

    The ice bucket is  a keep sake that you can use over and over.


  • 99- roses bouquet

    Say I love you


  • Pinky Sensational Basket

    Comprises of a medley of strawberry and apple dips in a summer sensation bbasket paired with Asconi wine and a card


  • 99 roses lovers delight

    This is the ultimate lovers gift package. The 99 roses are will wrapped and paired with a rosso nobile choc0late wine and a bar of customized couverture chocolate


  • House platter

    Comprises of about 150 skewers of a variety of fruits; Apples, strawberries, oranges and grapes. Most are dipped in assorted chocolates; milk, dark , white and purple chocolates.

    It’s ideal for a house or corporate  party.



  • Ferrero red rose bouquet

    Send love with a medley of 1o ferrero rocher chocolates and 30 roses


  • Crunchy Berry arrangement

    The Crunchy berry arrangement is a dream come true for ant nut and chocolate lover. it comprises of strawberries dipped in milk chocolate and coated in a medley of cashew and peanuts. The taste is something else.


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